Our heroes are remembered

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Romanova Marina



Almost 60 years ago our Motherland was burning and shaked from the blows of tanks, powerful weapons, etc. 4 years these actions occurred on the Ukrainian territory, million of people suffered and died. But not looking on these, people reconciled with everything, went through the trials and reached the victory, reached the independence and freedom from the fascism. And it was the most important achievement that they could to get.

The May 9 is well-known day for all Ukrainians. Even little children know this day – the day of the victory under the German fascism.

We all have grandparents who took part in the Second World War, which was the Great Patriotic war for us of 1941-1945 years. Of course, some of them are not alive but we love, remember and respect them very much. They endured terrible sufferings and, listening them, we convinced more and more in that fact that these courageous, strong people are the real great heroes.

Our grandparents always like to talk about these actions. They have a lot of memories and different stories. It’s very interesting to listen to them and to image the pictures of that hard life.

I’d like to tell about my grand-grandmother Ann. She is the real hero for our family. She died some years ago? Her age was great. She was very strong woman, she’s never cried and always helped o other families. When her family perished and her dear husband too, she perceived it without emotions, but I’m sure that granny was very, very upset, and simply did not showed it. She was religious woman. Everybody, especially my father, always heard her opinion. Our family always remember her as the strong and very clever woman. And we try to be like she was.

My granny Luda, her daughter, often tells me about her life and her exploits. They together went through the blockade of the Stalingrad. There was a famine. Hundred of people died on their eyes. Granny Ann got used to this and didn’t pay a great attention. On the front granny worked as a driver. She transported milk to the solders on the front-line and the bombs and the hail of lead were flying under her head. My granny Luda was a little girl at that time and was near the mother whole the time.

Everyone of us can tell many stories like this one. And every time, listening them, we feel the proud of our heroes. I must say that not only men fought for the freedom, but also women showed themselves as the courageous persons with strong will and character. There are a lot of soviet films about the war which evoke such feelings. We are proud of these people and are full of respect. No one of us did not go through that trials.

Our country does not forget about them and every year we can watch the parade in the center of the Kiev to the honour of the perished solders. It is a great pleasure for veterans that they are remembered and beloved. This kind of the praise is the best for them. The fighters for independence will be remembered forever and for always. They are the heroes of Ukraine.

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